I first approached this company a couple of months ago. I was a bit sceptical as a lot of people I had contacted previously were using complicated words to explain what SEO was. Craig and his team offered training so that I could understand what SEO was a bit better. They were very helpful and explained everything clearly to me. I went on to use their SEO services. 5 months on using SEO with him and the rest of his team and I’ve definitely seen an improvement to my rankings. Would highly recommend him, his training and his services if you are looking for a reliable company that actually does what they claim to be able to do. – Kevin Connelly 

Before I looked at this company I read some online free information about the different marketing services that there were. I took a keen interest in email marketing but the information I used was very exhaustive and misleading. I looked into this company for their training and decided to use their email marketing course and I’m glad I did. The information was very useful and helped me to start my own campaign. Thanks Online SEO Training! – Sarah Wilson 

I had set up my own Pay Per Click and had let it run for a couple of months. I ended up spending thousands of pounds on my campaign, with very little to show for it before I realised that maybe I was the one doing something wrong. I took the Pay Per Click training course and was surprised at the different parts that I never took into account before putting my account together. I’ve started applying this information to my current Pay Per Click campaign and have seen a noticeable difference in the number of sales that I’ve got following the course. – Ricky Quinn